Dr Joey’s SKINNYCHEWS – Premium dark chocolate candies that help alleviate after dinner cravings and promote appetite control with less than 20 calories per chew. 30 chews per bag

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Why in dark chocolaty flavor? Dark Chocolate flavour was the healthiest and tastiest option to go with. Putting inulin in a dark chocolaty chew offered a LONG MOUTH FEEL that satisfied when people needed it most (after dinner or at 3pm!).
Skinnychews have 2 grams of INULIN FIBER per chew. Inulin fiber has been shown to be effective for appetite control and cravings. Inulin is a natural soluble fiber, made from chicory roots. As an ingredient, Inulin can add nutritional value to foods while improving taste and texture.
More benefits of Inulin? Inulin is a prebiotic fibre that is fermented in the lower intestine by the beneficial bacteria, bifidobacteria. Because Inulin is a lower calorie carbohydrate it is beneficial in foods aiding in weight management.

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Afternoon snacking and midnight cravings can continuously get in the way in which of wholesome consuming. For this reason I’ve created Skinnychews – the very best chocolaty indulgence! Subsequent time you’ve a candy teeth or a starvation pang that simply won’t surrender, revel in a chocolaty Skinnychews. With not up to 20 energy in keeping with chunk and a prime supply of fiber in each serving, those impossible to resist chews are enjoyable, scrumptious and handy –Dr. Joey Shulman. Product is MADE IN THE U.S.A.
Why in Darkish chocolaty taste? Darkish Chocolate flavour was once the healthiest and tastiest technique to pass with. Striking inulin in a gloomy chocolaty chunk introduced a LONG MOUTH FEEL that happy while folks wanted it so much (after dinner or at 3pm!).
Skinnychews have 2 grams of INULIN FIBER in keeping with chunk. Inulin fiber has been proven to be efficient for urge for food regulate and cravings. Inulin is a herbal soluble fiber, created from chicory roots. As an element, Inulin can upload dietary worth to meals even as bettering style and texture.
Extra Advantages of Inulin? Inulin is a prebiotic fibre that may be fermented within the decrease gut by way of the a good suggestion micro organism, bifidobacteria. As a result of Inulin is a decrease calorie carbohydrate it’s a good suggestion in meals helping in weight control.
Different Advantages of Inulin? Following the intake of inulin, blood sugar ranges don’t seem to be increased making it a top quality sugar replace in meals for diabetics. Additionally Inulin is a soluble fiber which might lend a hand handle regularity.




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